"I AM" a review by Miriam Silver

I Am

"I AM' is a must read! Written by Spiritual Teacher and Author, Stephen Shaw, it is a book that will surely add to your ever burgeoning collection of spiritual books - if you're anything like me. It will surely stimulate that third eye chakre to open.

"I AM" reflects a three year spiritual journey that therapist, Stephan Shaw, took with his spiritual Teacher, Jay, to numerous countries. This soul searching led him to a better understanding of his place in this vast universe, and his divine connection to the God Force. 

And this is only the beginning. Shaw has written six more books on this mystical journey meant to be read in consecutive order. Each expanding on the lessons learned from the previous. 

Here is a small excerpt from "I AM" -

"A dimension isn't a layer, it is an expression of Life. And you are not your body or your mind, remember? You are consciousness, and your consciousness is like a torch shining in a particular direction, lighting up only one dimension."

Start reading these important messages as each book was meant to awaken all of us to a broader sense of who we are. We are more than the reflection of who we meet at the mirror each day. That is only a minute identity that we chose to use in our present life. Our Souls are part of an even greater consciousness. All we need to do is recognize it.