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Alter Workshop

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We've all seen our Grandparents and some of our parents have an Altar in their home. It is a fact that each generation from our Grandparents back, had more connection with the ancestors than we do, they had better remedies and common sense..WHY? It is because they actually where in contact with the Spiritworld. Everything that we enjoy from the latest gadgets, to the most amazing science fiction movie , ALREADY EXISTED in the spirit world eons before we discovered it here on our dimension of reality.Interesting ,isn't it? 
When I was in EGYPT last equinox, i saw a helicopter and a tank in beautiful goddess HATHORS temple.This was thousands of years before they came HERE.
Some of the most successful cultures of antiquity as well as people of the present have harnessed the power that comes as a direct result of ALTAR Implementation. 
Why is the ALTAR mentioned 433 times in the Bible?
Why does God ask us to use it?
How does it work?
Why did Solomon have so much power?
How are blessings and miracles formed?
These are just some of what we will REVIEW and DISCOVER together. 
If 10% of what I will teach is applied, you will experience a major shift in your reality. Most people want to continue their suffering and hardships which is why they will justify not making an attempt to investigate the higher forces, this is attributed to the freewill. The reality is that God has given all unabounding abundance and enough excitement through watching the forces of creation in action, it is what HOLLYWOOD takes its directive from after turning the reality as it is into an imaginary tale.
I invite any who are willing to have an open heart and are looking to empower and enrich themselves , to attend.

As a Multidimensional being, there are parts of ourselves who would looooove to talk to us , as do the ancestors and angels, guides and gods. The Altar makes this communication possible in a safe ephemeral way. Blanca Beyar had a statue of My Mother SRI LAKSHMI RA present herself so that she can offer MORE TO Blanca. This is an example of how we can benefit IMMENSLY By the ALTAR. many ask me how I've been able to achieve some of the things that I have. It has been sponsored primarily by the energy i RECEIVE through my Altar,. I require all of my students in the GALIGHTICUS program to utilize the Altar so that they too can experience the enrichment that the Altar offers.