Miriam Silver, Producer

Miriam Silver, Producer

Miriam Silver has been a videographer and an avid researcher on paranormal and spiritual topics for over 15 years. Produced a weekly paranormal show on Staten Island Community Access for 14 years called “Alexandra’s Psychic Eye”. She is now an Aromatherapist, Spiritual Healer, creative writer, artist, and ardent lover of animals & nature, and continues on her quest to learn more of what this world is about.

Have you ever wondered why you are here?

Why life is so confusing?

Ever wondered what you could do differently to make your life more fulfilled?

Is there something we’re missing - some mysterious component that we need to add into the mix in order to find that ultimate fulfillment? Are you looking for that proverbial “happily ever after” potion to change your life?

There’s always something down deep inside of us that let’s us know that something is missing or just doesn’t feel quite right. When we veer off our original path in life our soul sends us signals that tell us - “Oops, you’re going the wrong way!” I’m sure you’ve felt like this on various occasions. We don’t come into this world with a guide book for the living or even a customer help line in case we need assistance at the last minute. What we do is to move along aimlessly, bumbling down one path and then the next, trying to find the ultimate right direction. We receive messages from our spirit guides all the time, but if you’re not listening or recognizing these signs, it doesn’t help.

I personally spent many years trying to figure out what I was doing here and where I was headed. I was born with an artistic nature and extremely sensitive to all things. In fact, art was my way of escaping my life and the dysfunctional family with which I found myself.

As I grew older I realized that life wasn’t exactly coming out exactly how I had planned. I felt as if there was something missing; that there was something I just wasn’t getting. At one point, I actually thought my family and I were cursed. Life was pretty tough.

This started my own inner spiritual journey. I was always very psychic, and my mother was especially psychic as she could see spirits and easily go into a trance to communicate with the other side. The problem was that we craved to know and understand more of what our world was about, but we didn’t always have the proper information. Yet somewhere inside I felt that somehow understanding our connection to spirit and our innate abilities as spiritual beings held the answer, though I wasn’t able to put it into those words then. As the years rolled on, and as I read tons of books, visited psychics, and gypsies, trying to find a way out of this confusing world, I really didn’t feel any closer to the truth.

Along the way, I came across a few individuals who each gave me answers. Like pebbles along a path, they each led me to greater insights as to how best to use this life of mine and I began to realize how we all house the ability to create what we want.

What I wanted to do was create a go-to site where people, who have found themselves lost just as I had, will be able to gain an understanding of who we all are and how to get back on that path our souls had mapped out for us.

On this site, you will be able to view video segments and listen to podcasts on various subjects pertaining to the paranormal, spirituality and metaphysics where discussions with teachers, authors and lecturers help to reconnect you with your soul’s life purpose. You will hear from others who have made their own quest to find their own personal truth. For the overall truth is - we are all spirit in a physical form here to experience and learn from one another, and to achieve our own personal wisdom. We are each our own personal creative force, forever connected to the incredible God Force that had made all this possible. The world houses a myriad of clues to the mysteries that this world harbors, each bringing us closer to the infinite nature of who we all are. It’s just a question of gaining the right insights. 

This site will help to nurture you - Body, Mind & Soul. All three are an integral part of who we are. Understanding and gaining knowledge on how to treat all three aspects of our experience will help each of us on our personal journey.

There is more to this world than what we see with the naked eye. When we delve beyond that surface, we can then cross over the threshold of limitations and discover new worlds. The Earth realm is not the final frontier; we have more to discover and endless information to learn. 

Life is tough enough. Why not get the help that will allow you to gain a footing in this world?