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                                                                  A personal memoir of a spiritual journey.

                                                                  A personal memoir of a spiritual journey.


"We always exist. We are always here. That is the basis of who we are - undying energy that will change vibrationaly but cannot be extinguished." -   Miriam A. Silver

We are not from Earth. We come to earth...

to experience a 3rd. dimensional construct. We come here to gain a deeper perspective of what a world - without unconditional love,  a world of polarities, a world of fear - how it may impact on our spiritual roots.

By gaining every conceivable vantage point, by observing and experiencing first hand the emotional and physical effects, can we utilize this information and trickle it down to our spiritual community on the higher levels of consciousness. That is why we choose the lives that we have and why we put ourselves through the wringer.